Sunday, July 15, 2012

bed switching

a funny thing happened while i was writing the previous entry.
sushi was looking at me, then barking at my side of the bed. 
when i ignored her after a while, she slept on the floor beside me.

after i published the entry and i got up, i carried her and wondered why she was sleeping there. 
then i saw setsuko sleeping soundly on sushi's bed. wawang baby haha! kaya pala ko tinatahulan kanina, nagsusumbong.

setsuko wouldn't budge when i tried to wave her to her own bed so i just squeezed sushi in.

but after a while, sushi got up and just slept on the big pillow!
naawa naman ako so i carried setsuko to her bed and then put sushi on hers. 

now sushi got up again and went outside. maligalig 'tong batang 'to!

but she gave me an idea what to buy Setsuko for Christmas: a new bed!  

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