Tuesday, July 31, 2012

a volcano waiting to erupt

i just have to blog about this! all day i've been researching on super volcanoes and how the earth will be affected once a big one erupts. then after so much googling, i came upon this news about Sarah G (i don't know how) and what happened was i watched Sarah G. live last Sunday online and is still watching Ogie Diaz dish out unverified stories about Sarah on vibes tayo. talk about volcanoes.

i have heard horror stories about Divine even when i was still in ABS. but Sarah is now 24 and she is still under the saya of her mother. it's just not right! she's feeding her family! she's working all day since she was a teenager! she deserves to be happy too!

i know she's sad because i saw her Sunday show online. it's in her face. here are some screencaps. her body language tells it all: mommy, i don't want to see your face!

Sarah faced her father while singing and all throughout, had her back turned towards her mom. all the time, her mom was there behind her standing awkwardly. 

she placed her arms around Divine's shoulder towards the end of the song but she still looked at her father. when Divine joined in the singing, that's when Sarah lightened up towards her. but i think she just tried really hard for the sake of the audience. while Divine tried hard to please by singing! (i think she didn't plan to.)

i just hate the way she's raising Sarah. she's like a leader of a cult which Sarah wants to leave but can't because she has been brainwashed all her life to be afraid. 

i'm not one who can be called her fan but the good thing is i'm objective. i can see that she's struggling whether to cross the line and walk towards independence and risk her career, or stay where she is, loyal to her family and remain the popstar that she is today.  

but Sarah, you're not 24 forever. you already lost years to showbiz and sacrificed so much time for your family. can't you work and be happy at the same time? is that so much to ask for? 

are you planning to wait for Divine to give you the go-signal to be happy? i'm not even talking about a boyfriend. i'm talking about the simple joys of life like being able to eat ice cream, or buying stuff you want just to reward your hard work, or travel with friends or meet boys! you have so much to learn Sarah. and this is the time to do it, while you're still young! only you can free yourself from your mother's clutch! DO IT NOW!

now about Divine, i wish mothers like this can be divorced legally, just like in the States. i'm trying to understand what she's doing to Sarah but i just can't find a good enough reason. she's so narrow-minded! she believes that God will let her know when Sarah meets the right man. really?! and what would she do if Sarah doesn't like him? i wouldn't be surprised if she forces Sarah into marrying the guy sent by God. she's one sick mom! i hate her so much!

Divine if you're reading this, you're the mother that one shouldn't aspire to be. 

i don't know why i'm so affected by this! as i said, i'm not even a fan of Sarah. i like her though and i feel frustrated that she can't fight the fight. i want her to do something drastic. not just cut her hair short! something like moving out of their house and living on her own. or even just defying her mother and hopping on a plane and going somewhere, ALONE! 

just do something. anything! stop crying and stop telling Divine that you'll be a good daughter still! you've been a good daughter and you can still be a good daughter while being happy at the same time! yes, it's possible! 

i bet Divine doesn't teach her anything so that she'll remain dependent on her. well Sarah, there's the internet. read! at least demand your right to unlimited wifi to free your mind!  

and for the last time, your mother is a taker. she's not going to give you complete freedom even if you ask for it. YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT YOURSELF! (just don't be stupid and get pregnant or run over by a truck.)

i'm ending this entry with the amazing Imogen Heap who has a question: 

and yes, this is just my opinion.


  1. Puwede ko ba I tweet ang blog entry na Ito para mabasa ng mga Popsters at Baka maka rating Kay mommy Divine!

  2. di naman kaya ako dumugin ng mga popsters ng hate comments? hahaha!