Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brasserie Cicou in Greenhills

we went for dinner last night in this upscale French restaurant Cicou (pronounced as see-sue) just to try a new place instead of going to Uno in Tomas Morato.  

we wanted to check if the French food here were comparable to the French food we tasted in Paris. anyway, the chef of the restaurant is French so we expected a lot. 

Photo source
i like the ambiance and the lighting.

Photo source
i wanted more of the bread. nicely baked!

Egg cocotte ham and cheese; Photo source
Erik scraped the bottom of this cup up to the last teaspoon. we were happy so far!

 but after the appetizer came the main course which disappointed us.

oops i can't find the source...
i ordered pork blood sausage or Boudin Noir.
as i wrote in my feedback form, it was soggy. yikes. 
i couldn't help but compare it to this one we ate at Les Enfants Perdus

this one was crispy but not dry. the combination of the strong taste of the blood sausage with the sweetness of the pear was perfect. we had the same blood sausage with the contrasting sweet pear (or was it apple?) in Les Halles, New York where Anthony Bourdain is chef-at-large (whatever that means).  

 the blood sausage in Cicou had a small slice of caramelized apple on a bed of mashed potato. i hate to sound like a Top Chef judge because i don't know anything about cooking. all i know is that i enjoy eating salty with sweet, sour with salty or sweet with sour. i imagine a real Top Chef judge saying, "it's flat. one dimensional"
it's the same with their foie gras main course which was priced at P1,100.
it had pieces of foie gras on french toast with greens. erik didn't like it.
it had no flavor and the foie gras was overcooked 

the dessert was better but i still thought we would have been more satisfied in Uno or JT's Manukan :)

while lambasting our food and feeling French food expert, we decided on our top 3 favorite cuisine so far.

1. French
2. Japanese
3. Chinese

1. French
2. Japanese
3. Italian

 we left deciding we're not coming back. after writing my comments in their feedback form, they must think it came from Erik who they recognized and called direk.  yes, we can't go back there anymore :D

(i should have ordered the lamb...)


ADDENDUM (July 25, 2012)

just a day after i posted this review, the owner of the restaurant read this blog entry and asked to be given another chance. turns out the wife of the chef is also from Bacolod so they were able to get hold of Erik's number. small world! anyway their offer was a nice and much appreciated gesture. maybe i would go back again without erik but with friends instead. i don't want to be recognized :)

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