Tuesday, July 24, 2012

dogs and movies

i just saw Bwakaw in Greenbelt. i cried in some parts of the film
and when i got home i immediately hugged my two dogs. 
i love the actors in the movie especially Eddie Garcia. 
 it must have taken a really patient director to make a movie 
with a dog in a supporting role. so hats off to Jun Lana.

speaking of dogs, while i was setting up my lightbox earlier 
sushi was barking at me, wanting to play 
so i took pictures of her again.
(setsuko is still camera-shy and she can't fit in the lightbox)

oh by the way i saw another Cinemalaya movie at 9pm 
but i'd rather not comment  
because i have nothing good to say about it. 

just look at this candle holder i made
from my silk yarn using the paper mache technique. 
(bought the frosted glass and the scented candles from Muji.)

isn't it pretty? 

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