Saturday, August 4, 2012

love, caution

i find myself crying while watching Lust, Caution again. and i'm not even in the sad part yet. it's just Tony wanting to know where the girl is going for the day so he can have a tryst with her. he was so attracted to her, so attentive.


my favorite love stories not necessarily in this order:

Love Story

Happy Together
Away From Her
Gone With The Wind

Lust, Caution
Two For The Road
When Harry Met Sally
The Way We Were
Brokeback Mountain

this is an incomplete list. i'm sure i'm forgetting something right now (i'll just update this list). these movies made me feel various emotions while watching them, mostly sadness.

most of these movies didn't have a happy ending. the best love stories for me are those that end sadly, even tragically.

before i die or retire from writing, i want to write a love story. something that will make me proud. i don't care if it's not a commercial success (wouldn't hurt though) or not but i want people to go through an emotional roller coaster while watching it and feel the joys and pain that's so much a part of falling in love.

one of my favorite scenes in Lust, Caution

and after this scene, he gives her a ring. then she gives up everything for him. sigh.

- only love that lasts through hard times is true. 


  1. natatandaan ko noong pinanood namin to sa Shang nila Rose, Claring, etc. gustong gusto namin lahat iyong movie tapos si Clar nakatulog hahaha ang natatandaan kong quotable quote from Rose while watching this movie... "makapag-Anlene nga para tumibay buto ko" wahahahaha

  2. yan nga yung sinabi niya! di ba tayo magkakasama nun? haha

  3. ah baka nga magkasama tayo noon. sorry naman. memory gap. haha

  4. same here. mas gusto ko yung mga tragic na love story. :-)

    antayin ko yang pelikula mo...