Friday, August 10, 2012

my handwoven purse

so after 7 months, my laploom arrived finally. 

Harrisville Style A Laploom

it's quite easy to use. you just follow the instructions on the booklet included.
there's also a pattern which i followed for my first project
but after a while, i just did what i wanted.  

i messed up in the last few rows because i removed it too early from
the laploom only to realize that the yarn was loose. 
anyway i remedied it by stitching a few more rows by hand. 
then i folded it in half. stitched the sides...

and added a zipper. i don't have a sewing machine 
so the stitches inside are really bad. 
but who cares? ako lang naman ang makakakita. 
mukha bang basahan? :D

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