Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY leather wallet

i was just winging it so i didn't take pictures. in fact, i didn't expect i would finish one. even if i did want to take a picture, i couldn't find my phone in my messy working place. and my fingers were hurting (still are).

my DIY leather wallet
this is inspired by the leather wallet i bought in a store in Japan 
where i also bought my handmade Nepal yarns.

the original/inspiration

now my DIY wallet looks shitty compared to this one haha!
look how clean the cuts are inside.  and the side bindings are so neat. 
i think they are machine-sewn.

mine looks shittier when you look inside. 
my credit cards don't fit because i don't measure (next time i will promise.) 
i hand-stitched the top using my new speedy stitcher
but for the rest especially the bindings, i glued the scrap leathers using G17 adhesive.
very strong, that glue! there was no way i could hand-stitched the bindings.

i tried to put on some snap closure like i did with this leather coin purse
this time i have the rivet setter but it failed me 3 times!
so i just used it to put the leather bracelet which Kay gave me (or lent me to fix ahem)
to use as closure just like the original wallet. 

so far, i'm fulfilled. and my hands ache. now i know how hard leather crafting really is! 
i did this one for about 7-8 hours by hand and i don't think i can do the same work again tomorrow.

if i'm going to put a price on this, i'll say this should cost about P10,000! hahaha! i'll probably be able to do one wallet per month! next time, i'll keep it simple.

i'm thinking of giving it to my mom for her birthday next next week. i'll decide tomorrow if it's okay to be given as a gift.  right now, i have clips all over it to make sure the glue sets. 

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