Tuesday, April 5, 2011


- at a sound designer who acted like a 12-year old boy. we gave you a chance. you didn't give us any. not even an explanation.
- at myself because i can't resign from work. i'm working for the money.
- at someone because he didn't remember to include my name in the acknowledgments for his recent work. am i just being sensitive?  this is not the first time he forgot about me. maybe i'm not helping him enough? i wasn't expecting my name to be there but when i didn't see it, it made me feel bad somehow. i don't want to make a big deal out of it.

i had a nice birthday dinner. as a gift to myself, i checked in at New World Hotel. nice room. they upgraded us for an additional 2k and put us in the topmost floor (25th floor). we were also entitled to free cocktails at the 24th floor and free buffet breakfast but we didn't avail of those two hahaha.

instead, we ate at Italianni's where we saw Heart Evangelista and Daniel Matsunaga dating. then i bought myself a dress from Zara ( another bday gift to myself). then we watched Lincoln Lawyer (didn't like it. watch Law & Order instead) then we ate at our favorite restaurant Nanbantei Japanese restaurant

Bestseller: all chicken!
the next morning, we didn't wake up for the breakfast. we missed it, not surprisingly. we ordered room service and checked out at 4PM.

i don't recall how i celebrated my birthday last year.  so, all in all it was a memorable birthday this year.  hope next year, i can celebrate my birthday without any deadlines.

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