Sunday, April 24, 2011

a little Mujified

went to Muji, Rockwell to buy some furniture. happiness!

5 row shelf

the mirror stand!

a desk for writing/drawing. the one i got is not exactly like this but close.

next payday, i have to buy this for more storage space.

and one of these near my desk for easy access since my desk has no drawer

and last but not the least, i want a dresser. sadly, nothing from Muji. i want something like this

will it be crazy if i paint them crazy colors? like the drawers i saw in a store in Rockwell. i wasn't able to take a picture. sayang. but the paint looked vintage and classy. o baka maging baduy lang? it just concerns me that the color of my mirror stand is different from the rest of the wood but i guess it's not noticeable anymore. but i still want to do something about it. maybe apply some wallpaper on its borders.  ewan...

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