Wednesday, April 27, 2011

i have a Seacret...

i've been searching for the right skincare ever since. i've switched from product to product looking for the one that suits my very sensitive skin. 

after using different facial cleansers from Cetaphil to Shiseido, i went back to this product which i used 3 years ago. 

Nuderm Mild Wash Lotion from Dermclinic
the facial wash has no smell but it does the job of cleaning your face without drying your face. i hate that feeling of tightness after washing your face and this one doesn't do that. 

i also went back to using their moisturizer with sunblock. it also has a good smell. 

Nuderm Revitalizing Moisturizer

it's not really the brand that matters or how expensive it is. it's what suits your skin type and i can say that after trying so many products, the Nuderm line of Dermclinic is the only one that worked for me. i will not switch again, promise!

the only thing missing in my daily skin regimen is exfoliant. before, i used to mix olive oil, oatmeal and a little sugar with honey as my exfoliant but i feel it's too harsh on my skin so i stopped.  i researched about exfoliants online and found out about this top selling brand. 

$31.28 in Amazon. Worth it!

it's gentle enough to use daily but i don't want to run out of it too soon so i think thrice a week will do. it's in powder form and you rub them in your wet palms first before rubbing in circular motion on your face. i used it only once but i already love it! makes your skin feel softer and smoother instantly.

i also have Seacret products which master bought for me in the US, among them is this salt scrub. i didn't find a lot of reviews online about Seacret though they have a few product reviews in Amazon.
mine is Pomegranate

made in Israel, these products contain minerals from the Dead Sea. 

heavenly smell! i also have their hand cream, foot cream, body lotion, body butter, and even the peeling gel (when i'm feeling braver, i'll try the latter) and i can say they're worth the price! lotions and creams are not greasy. 

i don't want to turn into a vain woman as a grow older but applying such things on my face and body relaxes me and gives me satisfaction. if it makes you happy, it can't be that bad right? ; D


PS: i still need a good eye cream. what should i buy?


the Dead Sea is suffering because of these mineral beauty products! Yahoo News said the Dead Sea will disappear in 2040. please don't support beauty products with minerals! will just use these up but will not buy again.

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