Thursday, April 28, 2011

NO to Skycable broadband!

whatever you do, don't ever subscribe to Skycable broadband! it's soooooooo sloooooooooow!

Smartbro, i heard, is no better.

i had a good experience with PLDT broadband. as in i could play Scrabble online without being forfeited because of suddenly disappearing in the middle of the game and i also was able to make hundreds of looks in Looklet and save them without any trouble.

but one fateful day, Skycable offered a bundle price for cable and broadband which will help us save about P500 in monthly bills. i was excited so we switched. if i could only turn back time...

pathetic speed!
mahiya naman kayo sa balat ni'yo! stop blaming the tsunami for your slow internet speed! do something about it! di ako makapag-Looklet ng matino 'no! ang hirap bihisan ng mga models ko sa bagal ng internet na 'to!

i-deport ni'yo na ko sa Japan please lang!

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