Saturday, April 9, 2011

free again!

it's the first day in 2-3 weeks that i'm not doing anything

there's so much i want to do! go shopping! but i turned down an invitation to go to Muji because my body aches all over. i have 2 mixed media drawings i need to finish but i'll do that tomorrow since my hands are still tired from typing all week.

i want to read a book or even the magazine that Raymond brought me from HKIFF but my eyes are tired from staring at my computer screen for weeks now.

so i just ended up here in bed, lazily watching TV while blogging.

...something about serial killers again to relax me. maybe i'll watch a DVD later.

this morning was master's flight to L.A. i woke up at 8am and we sent him off to the airport. bye bye master! beware of serial killers!

Setsuko and Sushi

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