Saturday, November 27, 2010

reminder to the boyfriends

it's important for your girlfriends to feel special during their birthday or your anniversary. if you can't plan anything or you don't have any money, which is no excuse because you could have saved up for it all year but if you really forgot to plan ahead, then you can just give your gf a bar of chocolate, a rose, chocnut, a card, anything to indicate that you remembered and that you appreciate her.

women are not shallow or materialistic. they're not waiting for jewelry or anything expensive (though that would be nice too). in my case, i'm not into jewelry but it's the thought that counts. and if you put some thought in your gift, it will show.

women just want to feel special every now and then. and it's only a few times a year that they can demand that from you. so umayos naman kayo.

yes it's a big deal.