Thursday, October 13, 2011

my first handmade ring

i couldn't sleep yet so i thought i would try my new craft materials and make a ring.
the main ingredient in this one is Friendly Plastic which comes in different colors.

i used the blue and a little gold and white
 (the last 2 didn't show in the final product tsk tsk). 

i had a different idea in mind but it turned out differently. 
medyo okay naman. wearable :D

notice the wires are not a perfect circle :(

Shy Blue ring
i discovered the Friendly Plastic wasn't that easy to handle 
especially because i don't know what surface to put it on while melting it
and another thing, it hardens after a minute or so, and you'll have to melt it again 
to continue shaping it.

and there i was, imagining making little animals as pendants with it!

note to self: BUY A CHEAP BLOW DRYER

Sushi and Setsuko accompanied me all throughout the process. 
while their father is snoring loudly!

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