Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DIY cabinet

today i made a cardboard box cabinet composed of 
3 layers of cardboards of different sizes. 

i'm not proud of it because i think i can do better. 
but this will do for storage room 
while i don't have a cabinet for my materials yet. 

i used decoupage. i enjoy the process of putting on glue everywhere 
but the problem is there are bubbles everywhere!  

next time, i'll decoupage my Muji table with fabric. 

i ordered some items from Deovir Arts. it's the best online shop! (not in my budget but couldn't help it.  they'll arrive tomorrow together with my Fabric Mod Podge! 

for Xmas or my birthday, a gift certificate from Deovir would make me happy!
wink wink!

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