Tuesday, October 11, 2011

crash course

Yesterday my first sewing machine arrived with the fabrics. Since last night I started learning how to use the machine. Thanks to youtube! Now, I know how to do the threading, how to change the presser foot, etc. All i have to do is start sewing.

my sister brother is gay :D

But then today i made a book lamp from another instructable instead of sewing (delaying it because i'm not sure what to do with my fabrics and i don't want to ruin them).

I surfed for my next project and before i knew it i was bombarded with lots of techniques and styles on crafting. And i want to do them all so i had a crash course on woodblocking, decoupage, papier mache, jewelry-making all in one night.

I even shopped at an arts store online and i actually reached P7k in materials alone! They're still in my cart and i was able to lower it by half but it's not in my budget right now :-( It's 6am and i have to sleep.

But tomorrow i can't decide if i should sew or go to Recto and buy materials for jewelry or should i do some papier mache first? I need to do something tomorrow because by Wed, i will be working na :-(

I don't want to work. I want to do crafts. Typing this on my iPhone before going to sleep. I'm excited. I want to do this. Only this.

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