Sunday, October 16, 2011

learning to knit and crochet

we bought a lot of books in National Bookstore, Rockwell. 
they have a sale! 20% off on all imported books until today.

i bought this book on crochet plus a bigger crochet hook.

also some knitting needles because i intend to use all those
 organic cotton yarns i bought from Amazon

obviously, knitting won because i found this great knitting instruction video on Youtube.
it's amazing how much you can learn online if you just stay away from FB! 

i'm trying to make a ribbed scarf. i started at around 10pm. 
it's now 5AM and i'm not even halfway yet!

i'm excited to learn how to knit and then to crochet and then combine the two afterwards!

like this one!

crochet knit dress

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