Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DIY: my first bracelet

finally i used the beads i bought in Wellmanson's Quiapo last Friday!
(to know more about where to buy beads, etc. click here)

Eights A Bracelet!
for this project i used:

20 (or is it 22?) gauge copper wire
no. 03 copper wire (very thin wire)
different beads

i have no system of doing things. i like winging it! even looking at patterns 
or reading and watching instructions on Youtube bore me after a while. 
if i rely on them, i would get bored and maybe not finish my project. 

just as it is when you're writing a script, 
if you think of what the critics will say, stop writing because otherwise
 you'll just end up staring at your computer, not able to write anything. 

in my case, the only one i think of when i write is the audience. 
will they watch it?  will it interest them?
 that's my only desire because after all, 
would you want to tell a story in an empty theater?  

anyway back to my handmade jewelry!

this is my rose rings

i plan to make more because i just love it.
but next time, i want to do it using sterling silver wire. 

my fingers hurt but i'm going to sleep happy :)

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