Thursday, March 10, 2011


Have Dutch women found the secret to happiness?

I have never been a feminist. I have never been after equality between men and women. As long as a man respects me and loves me, I can always accept him as my master and superior because he wouldn't be my boyfriend anyway if I feel that I'm smarter or more successful than he is.

I still look for chivalry. When I'm standing inside the train, I still expect men to give up their seats to women (maybe not to me but to the elderly or women with kids). And if a man would give up his seat for me, then i would appreciate him more.

It's always been more natural for women to take care of the men e. Of course we can do whatever the men can do, maybe better! But unlike men, we won't kill ourselves to prove ourselves to others. We do it just because we want to do it. With men, they love to compete, to hunt, to go head to head against other men for food/money/other women. It's their nature to be that way.

But the problem is, i think men nowadays are the ones who want equality because they don't want to be fully responsible of their women. Feeling siguro nila, ano kayo sinusuwerte? Kami lang magpapakahirap magtrabaho? Where can you find men who would gladly provide for their women, let them do what they want, and not force them to work because they want to worship them instead? Wala nang ganun!

I think the article is a big lie or maybe it's only true for a small population of (Dutch) women. I don't want to believe that so many women are living like this and I'm not one of them.

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