Monday, March 28, 2011

ping ping jan jan

on ping lacson, i'm impressed at how he was able to travel with only a travel document (what kind kaya?) and no passport. of course somebody helped him travel undetected. but our government looks really stupid because if ping lacson didn't show up, they still wouldn't know where he is.

what an exciting life!

on jan jan, the 6 year old boy who macho-danced on Willieng-Willie, it's not Willie i really blame but the parents especially the proud father and auntie who taught him to dance like that. do they want him to be a macho dancer when he grows up? it's the same feeling i get when i see young girls dancing like the Sexbomb girls. why can't they dance like kids? of course, these young girls see the sexy dancers everyday grinding like that on TV.

how about jan jan? where did he see that kind of dance? maybe from gay movies his father watch? i dread to think that his father owns a gaybar aside from a beauty parlor :[

anyway i don't expect too much from Willie so i'm not really surprised that he tolerated that on his show.  BUT i expect more from parents/guardians. responsible parenthood is the keyword.

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