Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Globe is not Smart

last year, after more or less 10 years of a steady relationship with Smart, i left it for Globe.

in that 10 years, the only complaint i have of Smart is that it always ignored me. didn't make me feel special. it took me for granted as a loyal client. so when friends, especially a special someone, told me to leave it for Globe, it was easy to decide.

when i went to the center to have my line disconnected, Smart didn't even ask me why i'm breaking up with it. it just let me go, as if we weren't together for 10 years! i was being ignored again. so it made my decision easier.

so i applied for Globe in August last year and after only just 2 months, i'm calling their hotline to complain that my auto debit request hasn't been processed yet (i left all my requirements with them on the same day i applied for my line).

i followed up every month and i always got a reference number in return. but nothing happened. last December or January, i even got a disconnection notice. so i followed up again. and they gave me another reference number. but i didn't hear a word from them since then.

it's now March 1 and i found out when i woke up that i couldn't send a text message. my line has been temporarily disconnected! WTF!

out of principle, i don't want to go to their center and give them my requirements AGAIN! whoever was responsible should find my documents and file my auto debit request. in the meantime, i'm stuck with globe for another 1 and a half years.

isn't there a way out? can i just go back to boring but reliable Smart? i want my iPhone but not the all-talk-but-no-action Globe!

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