Sunday, March 27, 2011


took a break from writing to watch the Sarah-Gerald movie Catch Me, I'm In Love.

from the start of the film, it looked very familiar. of course it's a Star Cinema movie. the poor/lower middle class families should be happy while the rich counterpart should be detached, distant, not the ideal family.

in fairness to Sarah Geronimo, she really is a star. she was able to carry the movie all by herself. gerald wasn't bad but he's not john lloyd. and of course the story didn't help much. it was obvious to me that it was being revised while being shot. the last 1/3 of the film didn't make sense. this is shortcut version of A Very Special Love with the son of the president of the Philippines instead of a president of a company and it paled in comparison to AVSL. why do they need to tell that story the 2nd time around?

my conclusion after watching the movie is that Star Cinema should start thinking of another genre to do aside from romcom because it's obvious they are running out of love stories. good love stories that is.

oh and by the way, Christopher De Leon was soooo bad in such a small role. what happened to him and his acting? he's deteriorating  in his craft as he ages.

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