Monday, March 7, 2011

Remington needs you!

our film needs additional investors!

it's currently in post production right now with the special effects, music and sound being finalized. but we still need money for the marketing and distribution aspect. we want it to be seen by as many Filipinos as possible so we want to promote it using TV, radio and print ads.

if you're interested in investing, please email me at and i'll get back to you. we have the ROI ready for presentation anytime. to know more about our company, please check out our webpage:

NOTE: it's a high risk investment with possible big returns if the movie becomes a hit.

please watch the official teaser below:

tell your friends about Remington please! maybe they can help ;D


  1. teka pede ba tong link mo ibigay ko? sa FB / twitter? haha

  2. oo itong link na lang. para email na lang ako kung sakali. thanks!