Thursday, March 3, 2011

split personality

if i had a choice, i would resign right now from TV work.

i would just finish my fashion design course and take it together with the dressmaking course. if i go to school regularly, i can finish the course in a year siguro. (i remember when my sister in Australia wanted to take up a baking course, she and kuya abe had to talk and make a lot of sacrifices because of the kids. but they were able to do it with each other's support.)

i would read books everyday just like i used to do in Japan during my grant (oh, how i miss those carefree days). 

i would write the stories i want to write.

then when i'm finished with my studies, i would put up an online store or something. or just design for friends first to build my portfolio. then eventually, my clientele will grow without me having to advertise myself.

but these can only happen in a perfect world. this one i'm in is far, far from it.


by the way, i'm absent today from class because i have to write trash.

but what is trash?

think of rogelio and the pinoys who eat pagpag everyday. i should be happy because i'm luckier. i should be happy. be happy. be happy.

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