Saturday, November 6, 2010

1st day in Ho Chi Minh

we arrived at 12:30am in Ho Chi Minh which is an hour ahead of behind Manila. when we arrived at our hotel, i immediately started finishing my TV script. ngarag grabe. 

i finished at past 3AM then when we got hungry and couldn't sleep, erik and i decided to venture out of the hotel at 4AM. we ended up in an eatery by the river where we ate instant noodles and coconut juice! sarap!

he woke me up at 11 and i was forced to get up. we went to this coffee place where Anthony Bourdain had coffee. it's like their Starbucks coffee shop but i don't remember the name and i didn't even bother to look because it's hard to read. 

ang sarap! it has condensed milk in the bottom then there's filter for the coffee but it's strong enough so even though it's mixed in with the milk, it's not too sweet but just right. we love it!
yummy vietnam coffee

i think one should be enough for a day if you want to sleep at night. 

then we went to Ben Thahn market. it's like Divisoria but cleaner. we just bought slippers but we're going back to get coffee and i want some dried fruits too. we didn't spend too much time there because it was so hot so we went to a restaurant where Bourdain also went. i wasn't too hungry so i just had another coconut juice and played The Creeps hehehe. 

after that we looked for a mall but ended up in a grocery instead where i found Missha BB cream! 

i already ordered another brand from Amazon (L'egere) but i wanted to try this one too and anyway it's cheaper here (475,000VND, about P1K) than in the Philippines (P1600) so i bought one. 

after that we went to a mall. malls here don't compare to the ones we have in Manila. they're not as complete or as big so we weren't impressed. we then went to a BBQ restaurant in Saigon center where we were given an hour and a half to eat. they have so many customers and the food is actually good and cheap.

now we're back in the hotel. i have to research on some Vietnamese phrases (don't know a word) and where else to go. it's only been a day but it feels like we don't have any more places to go. so i'm going to look for some out of town deals later. but first, i'll download The Creeps, the new Plants VS. Zombies!

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