Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lotto prize up to P535M!!!


according to Inquirer, only 15 or 20% of the odds have bets placed on them. to guess the 6 numbers correctly, you have to beat the odds of one in 3.4 million. that's gambling for you!

i also learned that to bet on all combinations for the 6/55 lotto at P20 each, you have to shell out P580M. that's less than the jackpot so if it reaches P600M, maybe the rich will take advantage. that's still P20M in one night. not bad.

i've always wanted to be a professional gambler. but i'm so sensitive to actually pursue it. i like winning a lot but i feel guilty when i see my opponents losing their money so i play recklessly for them to recover. of course this is because i'm not playing against rich people. maybe i should.

and the thing is, i play poker without really wanting to win. it's fun for me. i'm not like the gamblers i watch on Breaking Vegas (CI channel) who really go there to outsmart the casino/players.

but it's different when i play poker on Facebook and try to outscore people i hate and have more chips than they have. there's this girl from college (courted by my crush!) who had 600k chips when i had only tens of thousands. of course that was unacceptable so that same night, i earned a million chips!

anyway back to Lotto, i'll be gambling again this sat! who knows, she might be gambling too! i can't let her win!

i don't know how to spend P535M but that's a welcome problem! come to mama!

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