Thursday, November 11, 2010


we were asking ourselves in the hotel lobby and in the taxi on our way to the airport: what would we be if we were not in our current job right now?

master said he would be a chef. bianca too. i forgot what osh said. maybe a makeup artist? i said i would have been a painter.

then i realized i should set my goals now. maybe not to pursue them as careers but to learn something new. i want options. i don't want to be stuck writing soap operas until i'm old. sooner or later, i have to get out of this job.

things to do from now until 2011:

1. learn basic dressmaking and pattern-making. i realized i want to do this. fashionista is not a term i would ever use for myself and not my friends would call me. but i love clothes, specially simple ones and i'd like to think i have classic taste in clothes so i want to try this out.

i want to look at other designs and then make them simpler. produce one or two then maybe sell them at my own small boutique or online shop.

2. food photography. i'm waiting for the book i ordered in Amazon. after reading that, i'll enroll in a photography class early next year. just a skill i want to develop. i don't think this is going to be a career option for me later on.

3. i  want to write a book. it's not to earn money but just to see if i can do it. it's not going to be a wordy book though because i'm not like that. it should reflect my personality too and it should be something personal.

4. Japan story needs to come out already.

now, have to start writing that screenplay before TV work starts again tomorrow.

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  1. i was thinking of what i told you there. yeah makeup artist. and guess what? i'm pursuing that now! :)