Thursday, November 11, 2010

cute guys in Vietnam?

before i left, a friend asked me to take pictures of every cute guy i see in Vietnam (with their numbers) for two reasons; to disprove Mislang's statement about Vietnam guys and so he'll know who to contact when he goes there hahaha!

all four of us were on the lookout for the cute guys, even master hahaha. sometimes he would tell me, "cute yun o!" or "puwede yun o!". hahaha!

we did see some cute guys but it was quite rare, like once a day :( i only got one picture of a cute guy below:

Diether look-alike (sorry for the big headroom) 
osh will send me one more picture of a Vietnamese guy whom they met with his Pinay girlfriend. but in my opinion, this guy is the best-looking of all though i think he's not pure Vietnamese because he's tall and looks Chinese.

i noticed that most of the guys there have small built so they look smaller than they really are. i didn't see a fat Vietnamese while i was there. maybe because there's vegetables in everything they eat. their food is really healthy.

anyway regarding Mislang's statement, i have to agree. the thing about Vietnam is that there aren't too many half-breeds there unlike here in Pinas where you can see so many American, Chinese, European mestizo everywhere that's why we have so many cute and tall guys around. Vietnam managed to stick to what they have and what they know.

it's a country of contradictions actually. after what the Americans did, they accept American dollars everywhere and they even have Vietnam Idol. despite that, they don't have McDonald's! first time i ever went to a country without eating McDo! no foreign fast food outlets, just one local burger place (Lotteria). plus, everything is made in Vietnam. they have lots of products and food that are uniquely Vietnamese, unlike in Pinas. but i have been asking myself, why are they a poor country? poorer than us because PhP1 is equal to 450VND. why is that?

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