Monday, November 15, 2010

Missha BB cream no. 23

all i can say is i love it!

i didn't buy it after i read reviews that it's not for MC30 below. but when we went to Vietnam, i got to try it on my skin and i thought it was just right so i bought one. a friend also tried it and liked it so she also got herself the No. 23. i'm an MC35 in Mac while she may be an MC40. the next day when i saw her, the color blended on her skin well. in fact, she liked it so much that we went back to buy some more to bring back home as gifts. 

it's just right for my skin color. i am asian and have rather yellowish skin tone. my skin is oily too but unlike the reviews i read, it didn't get oily or grayish after 8 hours. i didn't have to retouch which is good because i don't usually. it's like i'm not wearing makeup at all! 

and i'm not really a makeup person but i do have a skin regimen and i also put sunblock on my face.  with Missha, i can save money because it has SPF42 already so i don't need to buy L'oreal sunblock anymore. and it's for lazy women like me who doesn't have a lot of time making themselves beautiful. so i can just put it on and then i'm ready to go.  

still waiting for my L'egere BB cream. i'll see what i like better between the two. as of now, i'm contented with my Missha and would buy it again when it runs out!


L'egere is too white! I used it once and i even blended it with my Mac powder after but still, friends told me i looked like a ghost! so i rubbed it off my face. enough with the experiment.

i gave the bottle away to a friend of mine who has fairer skin. but i don't think she liked it. when i asked her how it was, she said L'egere is quite heavier than what she's using (which is the Etude or Skinfood brand if i remember correctly).

i'm sticking with my Missha.

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