Wednesday, November 24, 2010


after a week of trying to write,
producing an unusable two days worth of script,
making erik's life miserable with my constant whining,
i finally decided to resign.

but it's the first time that i resigned with a heavy heart. ambabait kasi nila sa team e.
dati, pag ayaw ko resign lang ako ng resign kasi wala akong pakialam kung mahihirapan sila or made-delay. pinapahirapan din naman kasi nila ko no! pero ngayon lang ako na-guilty talaga. my headwriter doesn't deserve this. he's been so kind to me. buti na lang siya ang headwriter ko, hindi iba.

in my resignation text message, i thanked him and told him he can have the orange Muji umbrella that he borrowed from me. it doesn't lessen the guilt though.


this is the first step.
soon, i'll be free.

Current song: I Wanna Be Free by The Monkees

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