Wednesday, November 3, 2010

amazon, ebay and citibank

i clicked the order button. it's coming in a month's time together with my photography book, erik's books and some DVDs. exciting!

highly rated by Amazon buyers

i love amazon. it's reliable. unlike ebay. i ordered something there in june and did not receive the item. he told me Philippine customers tell him it takes 3 months to get their items. so i waited 3 months. by the time i was about to complain, i couldn't contact/send him an email anymore. apparently, after a month or so, your connection with the seller expires and you can't complain anymore!

to think that the seller had 95+ rating from other buyers. good thing it was only for P1200+ something. i emailed a complaint to ebay and they said they will investigate it but it will be confidential to them. bad thing is, i can't even contact the seller now. it's so complicated to get his contact details, supposedly to protect ebay customers.


kaninang umaga, nagising ako sa isang phone call from BDO.
the agent quizzed me and asked about my whole life.
my birthday, mother's maiden name, my previous address, my current address.
when the questions seemed not to end, i snapped at him and asked, "what are these questions for?"
kakagising ko lang at wala ako sa mood magpainterview e.
besides, i was just asking for a replacement card.
i know it's for security reasons but aren't 3 questions enough? i can accept 5.
but should i answer 10 questions for them to verify that it's me?!
ka-bad trip yun a!
anyway, sabi niya, "it's for verification purposes only. pasensiya na po. yun lang"
i was about to ask my one and only question, about when i would be receiving my replacement card
but he already hung up on me. napikon?

i'm not at all happy with the service BDO is giving me. especially now that i have paid all my outstanding balance. i shouldn't be treated this way. before i fell asleep again, i was thinking of writing another complaint letter on top of my last one. i might do that if i don't get my card before i leave for Vietnam.

i think it's time i apply for a Citibank card.

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